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Hate dealing with trips to the post office, printing, packing, and managing postage for your mail? Send your Certified Mail, First Class, Priority, and Priority Express mail from your desk in under 5 minutes instead! 



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No More Trips to the Post Office

Say goodbye to stamps, meters, envelopes, and trips to the post office - forever! Send your business critical mail from your desk!

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Automate Your Mailing Process

Sending a lot of mail? Instead of printing, packaging, and adding postage to each letter, automate it with a .csv upload!


Tracking with WALZ Certified Mail Automation

Get fully automated tracking, signature notifications, and delivery status updates through Walz Last Status!

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Save Time

You can send all of your business critical mail in under 5 minutes from your desk. Time is money! 

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Save Money

By utilizing myMailHouse, you can save 25% or more with the same postage on up to 3.5oz envelopes!

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Also Automate First Class Mail

In addition to sending Certified Mail, you can also send your first class mail and save time and money!

Why Partner With myMailHouse?

Designed with your needs in mind, myMailHouse allows you to access professional-grade mail services and send documents with the click of a button.

Simply download the tool, add credits and send your mail with the security of end-to-end encryption. The process takes less than five minutes and is 25 percent cheaper than standard postage.

myMailHouse also offers a linear, fully automated production flow. This handy service prints on demand using continuous ink jet printers. For your peace of mind and security, every job is accompanied by a barcode for tracking.

Eco-Friendly and Secure - Send My Mail Online

Today's business owners want a simplified process that makes it easy to mail documents online, myMailHouse offers a secure, simple-to-use platform that anyone can access.

myMailHouse is committed to reforestation and sustainable, eco-friendly practices to limit our carbon-footprint and save our planet. Every envelope sent through myMailHouse actually helps us to plant new trees!

Once our team receives your documents we send it to our environmentally conscientious facility for on demand printing and stuffing all within 24 hours.

"myMailHouse is so easy to use and it literally takes 2 minutes to send out a first class and certified letter at the same time! My staff is spending a fraction of the time they were on mailings and our firm is spending a fraction of the cost.”

Celeste S.

Robertson Anschutz Vetters, LLC
1500 CityWest Blvd., Suite 700 Houston, TX 77042


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